1.11 GB unsuitable?

Hello ! I have my films that I myself have turned collected and wanted it now on DVD burning! The all ingesammt 1.11 GB. The now I wanted to a normal DVD Video burning (creating) But it does not fit somehow! It states were no space on the DVD Huh? This is a new DVD and the data are only 1.11 GB United? What should I do ?

Thank you in advance !

The best answer

Can it be villt it is not a DVD but a CD? Since not much you can fit on it then you have to buy a blank DVD you simply

You have your movies once in a DVD format convert. Otherwise, the DVD burner, the format does not recognize and are misleading error messages out.

As long as the film is? With DVD's, it depends on the length (max. 120 min if I am not mistaken)

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