1. Car, what should I go?

Hello, I am looking after calming Karre should consume little fuel should look good (but need not) Could anyone one probably may help me further? Must me indeed turn first this used to the price and to 1000 €

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If you are also new drivers at the same time, it is actually relatively unimportant, usually the first cars do not live too long because warps you to advance the track at the curb, etc. Primarily, the fuel consumption as important because you love by the area goes, there possibly would be a diesel is not bad, because as the fuel costs are somewhat lower.

peep out Fallout times

Mazda mx3

Ford Ka

Opel Corsa Joy

Subaru Justy

Renault Clio

The are used in any case for the money to have.

Good looks and low fuel we all want. Only 1,000 € you get in my opinion nothing.

there has to be just more energy right. clearly you get there what, but then you will possibly soon have many repairs with once. had several in my radius. ie 2,5 - 3 you should vllt likely schedule

Vw Polo continued Fiester

a small used car! Brand except golf (too expensive) does not matter.

Grab a Golf 4 top car with low fuel consumption but would look in your place for a 1.6 liter Golf because since 1.4 can be cut into the barrel is broken constantly

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