1 dog, but what?

Hey, I and I and my family (mom, dad and brother) wolllen us buy a dog. We have no experience with dogs (formerly wanted my parents DO NOT ever have a dog). It should be a slightly smaller dog and hair Not so much to not at all. And its not quite soo expensive. I know there are many claims; D I have 1-2 hours a day time for the dog (at the weekend, and of course more).

I am bissl informed, what do you think of Chihuahua (Long hair or short hair?), Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier or Pomeranian (one like that of Paola and Sascha from Youtube) ??? Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you have no experience, you buy books and inform you so that you know what comes to you, and to know whether your the wish at all, a dog is a lot of work, time, dirt and costs money and I do not mean the purchase price.
  2. Time: You have 1-2 hours a day time? Forget it, dogs need at least 3-4 hours. He must get out in the morning mnd. 30min, noon min. 1 hour at night min. 30 min. So nu Talking about 2 hours. But you must also deal like at home with him, educate him, give food and so on ... believe me 3-4 hours and that is no exaggeration. Do you want a puppy? Then the first few weeks need 24 hour time because of the need every 2 hours to get out, have to be educated, to be recorded, etc. A dog can also stay at the earliest 6 months alone and that only when it slowly over weeks teaches him away.
  3. not hair - there are breeds that do not shed hair. but Do not think that make no dirt. Dogs bring dirt from outside with pure. Why should not a dog hair? Have IIHR not feel like dirt? Then ask you to create a dog.
  4. Cost: The cost is the lowest. Yes a breeder dog costs more than a dog from the newspaper / internet. But that is a reason. A dog from the breeder was usually fed better, it was taken for genetic diseases, it has been dewormed, vaccinated, socialized etc. If instead buys a cheap dog from the Internet, you can be a nasty surprise - because he has inherited diseases for example, not right was or not wormed etc. Many of these dogs are sick (only times not visible). These usually cost later tripled the vet than a dog from reputable breeder. But even if your a healthy dog ​​brings - dog license, dog insurance, food, toys, initial, vet - cost, cost, cost. If your not sure you are ready - no dog.

How long would the dog alone? One should leave no dog alone for long. And the 1-2 hours would be the time in which you could employ yourself active with the dog (play, walk, etc.)? If at this time everything should be planned, does that sound close. Dogs is when they have no employment rather quickly bored and they can finally bring not alone balls. For long-haired dogs, you should also remember that the coat well (daily / every 2nd day is best) has to be maintained so that it does not mate. Every dog ​​needs spout, some more and some less, which comes to the dog. One can not always make fast at the race.

We have no experience with dogs

Then it informs you firstonce about dogs: brings you best firstonce Dog books about education, care, research on the Internet and - if you want to know more - ask at the shelter.

Your parents wanted sooner not have a dog, they want because now a? - I do not mean only a consent! All family members must be 100% behind it.

A non-hair dog you will not find :)

Not quite as expensive ... In one dog, the acquisition costs are the lowest. There are ongoing costs of, including food, insurance, tax, accessories .... What if the dog suddenly needs an Op? This can be very expensive very quickly. (Also in the 4-digit)

1-2 hours a day .... take care because the other family members to the dog? If the (adult) dog is more than 4 hours per day alone, then this has been done anyway. A puppy we must not leave you alone!

But be you aware that even a small dog like Chihuahua, Pomeranian, etc. like a dog to be treated - mental and physical workload - and not as a lapdog will be borne by the area in tutu.

You can you share about the - inform typical characteristics - of the above breeds. At the shelter, however, wait for many different dogs in a beautiful home! :)

if only 1 (!) to 2 hours a day time has for a dog, you should ask yourself get a dog from demzwinger "Steiff"!

a dog needs daily minimum 2-3 gassi round, even small dogs should be at least 45-60 per trip be the go!

a puppy needs all 2-3 hours out (even at night) please read some books about dog attitude and the tasks that lie ahead for you ... at the moment it is with you therefore generally about dog attitude, pet education etc inform -Then iff you really the extent of verantowrtung and notwenidgen time is aware of - is thinking about a breed of dog.

a pedigree dog costs as puppy from a good breeder ( www.vdh.de and then the race eigeben) at least 1000 euro ... who "cheap" pet buys, risked terminally ill dog in the dog mafia to buy ..

for dogs inexperienced people is usually but a young animal shelter dog better!

1-2 hours time is not enough no matter what kind of dog. Hope your parents and siblings have more time.

Not so expensive is the wrong approach. Google times cheap puppies Wühltisch Puppies Puppies Mafia and read the.

A puppy should come only from a breeder or a anstündigen Animal Welfare Orga.

a puppy you can leave at the beginning NOT EVEN alone, hope a parent arbeiteg not or at home, if not fall a puppy Definitive away.

We have a Müsch ling is between dakel and but still something you must ales drum and remember it! Is it any of my view were I would one countries mountain dog or something in the art.

We have no experience with dogs

then you should you first time buy books on dog ownership and education and read this good!

Especially the owner must agree to dog ownership.

At best it is then time to the shelter and looked at each other there the dogs. Certainly is a case of you like and suits you.

Remember that dog ownership is expensive, labor power and limits.

If you would like a puppy, then this may not be left alone the first few months. Puppies need to be brought up several times daily. Fed every 2 hrs. (At night) and in between and out. Puppy rearing is a round the clock job!

Should you prefer a puppy from breeders, considering that a WEPE from reputable origin to the costs 1000 EUR. Cheap offered puppies are usually very sick and cause suffering and high vet bills.

There is much to be noted, therefore buys you only times books and read you smart!

the decision you make all together, so you read times together relevant literature about the breeds and their attitude by ...

Maltese have a moderate size and are fairly straightforward, but the coat needs care.

Make the others what happened to the dog? Otherwise range 1-2 hours under any circumstances.

1-2 hours a day time for the dog. Does that mean that the dog just 2 hours a day expiring gets? That would be too little! Who cares about the dog when you're in school and your parents work ?? !!

Havanese does not shed. Expensive is every dog. Chihuahua's and Toy Spitz are torturous breedings!

Inform yourself well about a dog! (: Would be a small less time best, a Chihuahua would be good, does not have too long to get out (:

1-2 healthy on day time is very wenig.ein Terrier, no taking you to bude auseinnander when challenged.

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