100% DIV container very edge ?! HTML CSS

I want a Div container sat wide to 100%, but it is always left and right a small edge ..

Now I have my margin day, the Container indeed get to the edge of the far left, but right is still a gap, the problem is that the margin-right tag is not working ...

I've already tried the wide not at 100% but 102 or something to put, then the gap is smaller, but very it does not go well away, because, for example 103% is already much too broad .. and when zooming the page the gap is still very much visible ..

So I just want to 100% width without gaps at the edge

Does somebody has any idea?

The best answer

The container div sprint 100% wide, but has the body, depending on the browser, even a certain margin and padding. If you insert the following code in your style sheet, the border should be gone, then make sure you also make sure that your website is identical in all browsers:

  body {margin: 0; padding: 0;}

Post the code, then you can also help ^^.

A Div Container always occupies 100% of the available width, which must not be specially set.

Use a CSS reset then the edges should be gone.

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