11 days overdue - what to do?

I have had peeting on Friday with my friend, I had to be there only member in hand'm not exactly sure if it was drip loss to one or not. got after that I attracted the trousers and directed the underpants. Had the 1.2 my last menstrual period and should therefore receive a regular cycle for 3 months at 5.3 mean days, but they still have not. since october ca have ocich a regular cycle of 32 days up front rather irregular. 3 days after the inevitable period I made a test which was negative and 4 days a was later also negative. For gyn I kanm until the end of April because there aren'ta no free schedule more. Jz I wanted to know if I need to be worried or is it normal?

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First informative to the Petting thing:

On textiles that absorb strongly, such as towels, sheets or clothing, or toilet paper, sperm are not motile after a few minutes. And then they can no longer penetrate the underwear or other clothes. If a man so wearing a pair of underpants and ejaculates in a woman can not get pregnant, even if this happened right on their gender. And even in the event that much semen flows and the fabric is so thin that something gets through, that's still not enough, that the sperm approaches the long way through the vagina and the cervix and the uterus into the fallopian tube.

Source: https://www.lilli.ch/spermien \ _ueberleben \ _befruchtungsfaehigkeit \ _luft /

As you can also read on this subject even more.

But if you like I said have a rather irregular cycle and a negative test, then it will have its explanation. Stress also affects negatively. The causes the production of messenger substances that interfere in your hormonal balance. This can have a shift or even a lack of Mens result. But they should still not coming, I suggest you read a passage to your family doctor. He should relieve her blood and send for analysis. The is more secure than a urine test (now does not mean that are not secure). But then you have a result. If it is negative, you take the appointment then was in your FA and can examine you. The Gyn will also tell you how you can regulate your cycle.

Wait and sometimes they come extremely later do not panic :)

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