120Mbit via Lan, 30 only on wifi - Help!

Good day, Have a problem undzwar I get with Wifi maximum 30-40Mbits and Lan port Mind. 100. Bin is 2 meters and no obstacles in between such as a wall at Kabel BW and the router.

What can I so I tuhen Mind. 100 Mbits reinbekomme. Use the Fritz! Box 6360th

Thanks in advance :)

The best answer

Just try different wireless channels. Often the environment is too "overflowing" of wireless LAN signals! It's like a room with 30 people who all want to talk at the same time! Wi-Fi is just a "shared" medium!

Is at the Fritz box the highest transmission power set? Otherwise check accurately whether any metallic objects in the vicinity of the antennas are mounted somewhere inconspicuous.

Then there comes the computer end still depends on which speed can handle your wireless card.

So lan is basically faster but that only 30 MBit arrive at wireless is really funny. Sit down now, first with the provider.

is etas next to the router or computer that could interfere? Flat-screen TV, or the like

Had the same problem.

For me the Wlankarte was outdated in the computer, have installed the new driver and had my 150 mbit (where you have to say you're going about wlan never get your 100 mbit, maximum if you directly run the device the lan cable connects.

at 150 m / bit I have the 80-90 real mBit over wlan.

eg. Ipad 1-5 or the popular tablets can anyway "only" to 50 mbit fobbed!

Just FYI: eg. stream Netflix for full HD you need "only" 20 mBit, ...

just imagine being able to if you reinbekommst "only" 30-40 mbit :)

But to get back to the question, do all updates from possibly USB Wireless Stick or onboard card driver!

Should solve your problem.

If your hardware can receive skin stronger.

I guess that the terminal still has an older wireless standard.


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