12V DC - 230V? build inverter?

So: I have a 2000W electric motor (actually done for AC, but it also works with DC) I want to operate with a 12V motorcycle battery. At full power, the will not of course, but I do not need. For the engine, I need more than 12V, so my idea was to pulse the current or alternate judge him then by a 230V - chasing> 12V transformer (ie from the 12V-side), so that then come out 230V. How pulse current as simple as possible? I am not a professional electric so as easily as possible. Whether I ever find out ultimately AC or DC is my matrimonial matter.

Thank you for your answers! PS please do not write that I have no idea and fingers on it should. That power can be dangerous I know!

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Hello EinhellISG10001

your project, first to produce an AC voltage of 12 V and then hochzutransformieren with a transformer at 230 V AC, works. but does not make sense.

Construction directly an inverter from 12V DC to 230V AC, because then the unavoidable losses are lower, besides, you save yourself the high cost of a transformer, which can provide an appropriate performance and its high weight.

All this together makes an inverter much cheaper, more elegant and with less losses.

On the theory you have posted scintillator enough links, the products by Schoch Electronics is really good to PWM understand ... good luck ... and be careful!

Greetings Dalko

I would look at me once the data sheet of the NE 555, is also a PWM circuit is shown. The output you put on the gate of a power mosfets and you're ready to use your transformer for voltage conversion.

From 50 Volt you can area where current accidents fatal out in one. If you do not know how you deal with it and someone is thus displaced electrocuted you have a problem. Apart from this 12/230 converter for the vehicle cigarette lighter to be purchased. about 40 euros

Voltage converter 12V / 230V 300W (1x Schuko & 1x USB 5V)

What is this nonsense? Could indeed just as well try a goods vehicle engine by a two-stroke lawnmower engine to replace ;-)

According to your theory that would succeed so, one would have the lawnmower engine only pulses, haha.

2000 watts from a 230 volt mains supply results in which current?
And 2000 watts from a 12 volt which requires power?


the basic for Wehcselrichter you read this by times.

what you have here the way before, is at the very first flying lesson to want a 747 fly. you'd better start over smaller.

Incidentally: if you really want your dining 2 KW motor with a motorcycle battery, is the rule ller empty, than you can say "astable multivibrator".

lg, Anna

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