13 Years Old can I apply for passport? And what costs?

Am 13 Years Old I have to have an identity card? And what does it cost? And I can not ever with 13?

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Yes you can, and the cost 30-40 euros

A Perso you can apply from birth (if you want it). Costs € 22.80 and you need a biometric image and under 16, the written consent of both parents. Must be disclosed to be only by 16.

Do not need to, until 16 it is mandatory. Why also likes me the sense not open, except for trips abroad. But as one takes rather a passport.

It was not until 16 or shortly before you are, 16 so that you have it right by 16.

The new Perso get ANY whose child's passport expires. regardless of age. Under 10 is the signature-field not filled (blackened), 10 you have to sign himself. Current cost I do not know. My children have paid 2010 22.50 euros.

You need a until 16 and will cost € 22.50

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