14 and only 1.70 m tall I still wax?

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With 14 1.70m is an average size, right? In any case you will still grow I think even that one has only grown with so 20 or so.

With 14 you will still most likely grow. I was also 1,69m tall and 16 then 1.80m with 14th So 14 you grow still guaranteed. But how much one knows.

Sure, of course!! Do not worry (: one from my class is 1,50m tall and he is 16 years old and comes in the 10. In addition, you'll still grow (:

Are you serious ? Bin 15 and 161 cm tall, No I'm not tiny normal size: D

My sister was 17 1.53 large grants is 25 and is 1.76: D

came a little late with her. xd

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Tags: Teenage size

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