17 year old female dog pees wanted everything perfect .... help and ideas.

The kid was absolutely clean, now she looks barely and is taub.Sie is often very verwirrt.Wir they zetzen almost 2 stl.in garden, yet they can all often thought untersich.ich now a Pampers.Was can Tierfreund here advise? Thank you.

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why not draw on Pampers back? She is so old and one can assume that they will live not for long! That's sad, so you should still make a nice residual life and make it as easy as possible the little ones!

We have, unfortunately, have to experience. Our Big could not wear Pampers because he was too big for that. My mother dressed him in cloth diapers.

GLG and a good start into the new week, you wishes clip mouse :-))

This is often the females terribly embarrassed and they suffer from their "uncleanness". Then one should consider to euthanize them. But a first solution would certainly be a panty that carries her inside.

I would therefore again go to the vet and let check the bodies. Incontinence does not necessarily come with age, although it is very likely.

In younger dogs, I would have said, try it once with a change in diet after an organic problem was ruled out by the veterinarian. Important in the blood picture are the kidneys. But there are usually the information for all institutions with it.

I personally have little confidence in scientific medicine and would advise you times to see a THP. They know as well as some good methods.

If nothing comes out, it will probably be due to age, and you will only knickers for the mouse to obtain.

Go to the veterinarian.

Times the vet look ... 17 years old! Taub and almost blind ... That does not sound good. Prepare at the worst, if you go to the vet.

Veterinarian think times are bubbles problems

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