18 birthday, which party drinks? : D

Hey guys and gals: D I on Saturday my 18th birthday and I want the 1 times as really drunk, do not become alcoholics, but 1 time does not hurt so sure. Do you know the party drinks must weren shopped anyway? Are about 25 people and celebrate in my home ^^ So what tastes best to you? Thanks for answers :)

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I finds not so great that you "get drunk right" you unbedigt want. Believe me, puking hanging over the toilet bowl is not a pretty 18ter birthday. And stomach pumped at the hospital should not be so great, I've heard ^^

My absolute favorite beverage: Safari with orange juice! I find champagne and beer may not be missing anyway! Otherwise there are (at least for us) at birth often vodka, Bacardi, Berentzen, acids and also always some cream brandy ... but I would bring not everything.

If yes are not binge, especially when still under-18s here are!

So I would nciht necessarily unterschtützden the alcohol is a bad thing, but if you want something strong, then take absinthe.

Orange juice and if you're a very hard but I do not think Kiwi juice ... Fun aside raki vodka tequila and whiskey and it is the party of your life

sometimes slowly with the young horses, you're hosting; so you should as far as possible remain fairly sober, otherwise you lack the overview and degenerates.

pink vodka and jägermeister: D <3

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