2 year old dog is not housebroken - What to do?

I got myself two days ago a two-year dog from the animal shelter. My problem is that it is not absolutely housebroken. Always relieving itself in my room ... Outside, they do not even lifts his leg, no matter how long I go out and where. Clearly it is a change for the dog, but the shelter everything worked great. How do I get my dog ​​housebroken and to the outside, they turn their business?

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Hello Luna, you're not going after 2 days not to give up .The dog has difficulties of adaptation which are degraded with konsquenter backlash .I hope You are at home and not hours away .Your must regularly out at the beginning, not only before the door, but strays on a leash leave so that he can deal u .then immediately, if it works out a reward rich .You will not believe how quickly learns and outside his business makes .The only teething problems .He must learn the with you it happens differently, as in the kennel of the shelter. Have fun with your Fellnase. NG

oh dear, that sounds only times a lot of work. But if you're lucky, you have a smart dog who figured the whole thing quickly. We have 5 years a Beagle from the laboratory, which was not housebroken well. We had untold happiness, after 2 days ers has savvy. But it took a year before he was ready resozialisiert that he has not peed in panic on Liesen. We later also had the help of Natural Dogmanship so we :) wegbekommen the problem Good luck!

Just like a puppy, grumble inside not (scold I mean no screaming and !!! God's sake do not suggest I mean a deep consistent No!) Then go out IMMEDIATELY and should they make further praise (+ if necessary. Leckerlies) Wenns better in the next few weeks, I would include the shelter with, they have indeed managed somehow. And no matter where it has made in the apartment, very, very thorough wegmachen, with aggressive detergents, otherwise it smells there again "their brand" and plans to always refresh ;-)

the dog was allowed to make the last 2years in his kennel, his home and now in two days is to resolve behavioral impossible that takes time, just like a puppy ... especially go every two hours, after eating, sleeping, playing out with her namely away from the house and not only 5min, but also by 1 / 2-1std ... they praise effusively whom she's finished her business, who your neighbors have the feeling you needed a straitjacket, hast thou praised properly ;-) wen you do that two or three times, it gets from time to time better, praise every leckerli and romp around with her

Practice, practice practice. Do it just like a puppy. You'll just need a bit more patience. Perhaps it also has to first settle, they it ja until such days since.

Just like a puppy also. Every 2 hours to go out. After dinner and after sleeping and see if she gets restless, then go straight out.

If something happens in the house, wipe comment.

Practice, practice practice. But they will sooner or later understand.

One should also see to it that no kidney problem or something is present, because oragnische problems can cause impurity. Our shelter has a private medical center, looking at such cases, the animals again free.

Even if the dog is two years old, you should do so, as you would do with a puppy: Consistently every two hours to the door and praise as stupid if it then works out there!

What you could also try would be a day hike. Pack 'you a selection of high quality treats a (chicken heart, seared liver, soup meat cubes) and stripe with the dog for several hours through the countryside. Sooner or later they will have to solve and then you reward them for it royally!

Have patience, the dog's only two days with you and has to get used to the new situation only!


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