2015 tax return itself

I have to make before this year my tax return itself and not to let do of an overpriced Tax Office I in my opinion anyway have only travel and related expenses, and can make this even asserted. Who can tell me where I here the best way have to do this on the Internet or who here has a few tips for me what I need to know. How do I count the cost of transport, because I had three employers in the last year. 1 month one, 6 months the second, and the remaining five months of the third.

For helpful answers, I am very grateful.

The best answer

I invite me down the forms in the network at the Federal Office of Finance. There are also tax programs like Elster. The 3 employers you can divide in the forms. eg. Line 1: from A to B x-km for X days Line 2: from C to D x-km for x days etc.

The amount then calculates the tax office.

You can start to drive costs even standard costs for which you need no proof. These are bank charges 16 Euro and tools for example. Literature 100 Euro. If you have made donations in the past year, you can also specify this (special editions)

I wish you success :-)

You can watch either the Elster program free pick from the tax office or a CD from 5 euros (discount) to buy or you simply free, cover sheet, investment and pension costs N forms under load and fill. You can so easily take from 3 employers together and in kilometers and also on a separate sheet (or a CD does this automatically) break down the totals for income, insurance, taxes.

simply to Example 22 days (1 month) km x 15 km and 115 days (6 months) x 10 km & 93 (5 Mon) Enter x 30 km

About Elster Formula r you can do even that. The program is self-explanatory

if you wish to make them yourself, then you'll get the magpie-cd. if you ask what you can specify, then you should (but) professional help bring ..

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