20m Flexi leash for 15 kilos of dog?

Hello, does anyone know if there is a Flexi leash for dogs 15 kilos which is 15 or 20 feet long? If yes, where? LG :)

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Typically, the available maximum length is 8 meters.

With a length of 20 meters, the impact would be with the dog can run into the end of the line or the leverage if it is received fully extended leash train it is much too high. That would neither the neck of the dog yet you survive healthy. The design of the Flexi (retractor) would be unbearable.

have the drawbacks of Flexi leashes already other written extensively. I use anyway in very rare cases even an alternative to the freewheel (Hiking in nature reserves with leash), but only with dishes and when already on the collar perfect leinenführigen dog, never to practice.

To train a towline is always a better choice, but please also because think of the leverage, a dog develops reinsemmelt with momentum in a 10 or even 20 meter lead ungeheute forces acting on dog and owner and can cause bad injuries. Dealing with long lines should therefore have been absolutely demonstrated by the experts at least once.


my opinion: Flexi Cap should be prohibited by law because Flexi Cap bring only disadvantages.

Generally Flexi leashes are always under tension, which is not good for the dog. A dog should always so run on a leash, the leash always sags slightly. This is not possible with a flexi-leash.

Flexi-leashes are for Fußgägnger and cyclists highly dangerous since the strained Flexi leash can not be immediately and properly be recognized for what, can potentially result in serious accidents.

There are situations in which one engages involuntarily leash to keep the dog. This can cause serious injury to the palm.

No, when canvas, then it is advisable to guide line and / or a towline to use. Schleppleinen there in lengths of 5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters.

Very good experiences we make in daily use with tow lines from the material Biothane. We prefer round Biothaneleinen with a diameter of 8 millimeters. We prefer to use Biothane in Orange. This is a very striking and easily recognizable visually and color.



No, such a long Flexi Cap There is no standard for happiness. As is well at +/- 7m conclusion ...

If you are working with your dog want the call or to a "linen-liberation" then use better a tow line and do not forget you to enjoy a stable glove to ...

Flexi-leashes are really not that great - and very few bipeds up can cause your dog properly

Pet, zooplus, amazon

I personally do not like those things but .....

No the longest Flexi's that you can buy are those with webbing and who just 8m. But there are tow lines have 15m and 20m length, which are also less dangerous for dogs and humans than the Flexi's.

15 KG and Flexi? Not really good. Do you get at Fressnapf.

Take better "pass" ne towline, which is fixed and it can not tell you.

Have long sought. The longest Flexi leash is 8 m long. More is also not useful - then rather take a towline.

At 20 meters you no longer have the dog under control

Is there n ot, at least not from Flexie.

A 15kg dog with ner 8m Gurtflexie and vollgas not you think as a human being under 90kg anyway - which ends with ner dislocated schulöter (if you have happiness). At 20m and Conan can no longer hold it.

Ne 20m.Flexleine would be damn hard. I'm so when we go on vacation son thing for diners. The 8m long and heavy and unwieldy.

For what do you need the leash?

General 20m linen are really awkward .... hab ne 25m towline ... total crap and nothing as a node that hangs in Italy for tethering.

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