220 volt electricity receipt ubers roof into the house. after renovation new lines 3 WE 16, 20, 25A in the roof?

Securing his set of 16 A 20 or 25? What should I choose?

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What's that XXXL for a question? Who should something learn?

W (VA) = V A

You must know wievie power is consumed at most. 220Volt times 10 amps are 2200 Watt. The question is what kind of Querschlit have the cable lines. ! If the are only designed for 15A you have the most magnificent cable fire at full load.

Let's assume that WE are supplied 11kW lines. You want to secure the instrument? Since the lowest fuses are what they should be!

Try to figure out what you really need to know.

by cable length, cross section and plug connections ... dinger not mean to otherwise circuit breaker

1.5 mm² maximum 13 amps at 2.5 mm² up to 16, 20, if any are installed sockets. eg sockets in a fixed installed electric cooker or hob WITHOUT built

Given the fragestellung allow me the way, here expressly make the even inadvisable, at least until such time as someone has not looked on the spot, which you advice and you can ask during the construction phase for help and advice ...

lg, Anna

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