2Pac All Eyez on Me CD 1996 where you get them from? (Orginal)

Hello people and although I want to buy the album All Eyez on Me by 2Pac. Nurr the original 1996 ... no Remasterd. Do you know where you as one herbekommt with original film (unused, unopened) (Do not OG 1st press his (the one with the green CDs) Währe but also cool) Greeting Dennis

The best answer

Why not Remasterd? Possession of the. The is not censored or so ^^. One probably only the sound is better. More changes gibts net.

Amazon, of course.

http: //www.amazon.de/All-Eyez-Me-2Pac/dp/B00000163G/ref=sr_1_3 s = music & ie = UT ...?

I guess that would be it.

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