2x strength training per week

Hello I want to martial arts (boxing) with strength training kombinieren.Ich had begun with a 3 split plus 3x the weekly boxes made so 6x weekly workout! My trainer my that is too much and I werde.NUN build nothing is my question: How can I train 2x per week? Can anyone create a training plan to me? : D I had imagined it so: Monday: Tuesday Boxing: strength training Wednesday: Boxing Thursday: free Friday Boxing Saturday: krafttraining Sunday: Free

The best answer

simple: 1 day triceps shoulder breast + box Training

day 2 biceps back (nape included)

PS: belly you can always work out according to bodybuilders and experts

Hammer. Now pay attention to nutrition. And you can define muscle mass. 2 times when you will reach you really doing. Chest shoulder biceps Day 1 and Day 2 back neck triceps. From martial arts you'll get Fußmuskeöatur

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