3D FullHD LED TV 49LB620V 3d and 2d?


I have a question. I want to get my 3D FullHD LED TV 49LB620V, but wanted to ask if you simply can switch from 2D to 3D, or you need for that particular station? And then I wanted to ask if I can connect my PS3 using a component cable to this television because I play a receptacle box for PS3 own and then wanted to connect to the television

Thanks in advance :)

 LG MrBuffout2a 

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Since you can only shake his head. Informs itself today even no more? THERE ARE NO 3D SENDER! You can see NOTHING ELSE with a television only 3D movies on BluRay. At Sky there is a 3D transmitter. but given you müsstes Subscribe Sky. Ever notice that there are few BluRays in 3D? That would not be enough to fill a normal transmitter. Normal films are not shot in 3D. Neither series or shows. You can use it as a 3D Blu-ray player, the PS3. In addition you must connect it but with HDMI. The receiving box can not record from the TV because the TV does not output!

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