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I have a problem. So I did a mini job found. Unfortunately no social security but I am looking soooo on this job. It is exactly what I always wanted to do. Now the employment office to me, however, has a sap-course still pure printed. That means I'm partly from morning half past seven to half past six in the evening except house because I can work from the measure only in the afternoon. I still have a nine year old son and no longer know how to do anything. I then checked with the labor office if I have to do the action. Answer was either I make the action or I will completely deleted from the services purchased. Why? ?? I am the Labour Office 30 std available. Accordingly, my unemployment benefit was calculated. Now I'm much more. It has nothing to do with that I do not want to make the price but that to me is the job so dear but is uch do not know how I get a hat with child everything now

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By this will neither you nor the clerk of the employment agency can make a difference, because participation in a measure for integration or training is for recipients of services happens to absolute priority over non-social duty pursuits like uA a mini job. In some (individual) cases, as appropriate CAN to 1-2 days a week, the daily participation in the measure will at least be somewhat shortened when the mini job already exercised BEFORE the arrangement of the measure and does not also set its working hours then differently left.

That's not just you that. The action by the employment office and the part-time job together make a very long day. Unfortunately, mothers are always badly off in Germany.

How long does it take for the SAP course? Is there an end in sight? Do you find good care for your child? Do you think you can get through this burden to health? If you can answer these things so reasonably positive, then do the "stupid" SAP course and rejoice that you have found such a great job.

I am long out of house because I am in the implementation AND then go directly to work.

The problem is that the 400 Euro job though is nice, but it brings you absolutely nothing and you come so not from the power reference out. And the employment office will then qualify what is indeed understandable.

More than 10 hours a week do you work at the 400 Euro job but probably not always, these are mathematically 2 hours per day, then why are you out for a morning course until 6:30 evening out?

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