6 months old male mounts every other dog


my little Lou, Labrador Bernese mix, is a very good dog, he is also very docile.

We visit since he is three months old, the dog school. this is me already noticed that he likes to other dogs, whether female or male aufreitet. I've always after a certain time stopped because I realized the other dog does not like this.

When his sister Lilly, who also lives with us, he does it well from time to time, but rarely.

The eight-year Beagle my father was at the weekend with us, because he has also constantly tries, I got it stopped. Only once I was not paying attention and he hung on him. Riley, the Beagle, simply walked away. Lou then shuffled around on the carpet.

Now was because Easter two weeks break in the dog school, yesterday was the first hour. There he has a Labbihündin chosen, the game also participates. And the newcomer, cookie, a border collie dog, he has not lost sight of, has ever rumgeritten on it, I got it every inhibited again.

My question is: Should I stop really every time? So far, the dogs all have to put up with, but at some point it comes times to a dog that is not found so funny.

The best answer


my has sometimes tried and quite "advanced". He was never allowed. I have not waited but already in the first approach down there "picked" my dog, and when he knew an abort command, stopped previously. This can backfire evil or hurting too old and sick dogs. I would not wait that long, but already the taste (you can see actually quite well what the men are going) to cancel.

Hello wombat6,

I'm easy first time "serve up" a few very important quotes

Best known is to ride up in his role for reproduction, but it also appears in other contexts and emotional states on. Dogs ride when they are excited or energized, and even if they are stressed and anxious.

and further....

can ride up a - as it is called ethologist - his jump resistance. This means it is a byproduct of conflicting emotions. In some dogs a new visitor generated in the house a mixture of excitement and stress, which can trigger ride up.


"Ride up can be part of a series of behaviors that are associated with aggression, a high status, resource defense, direct fixing and threatening, and to put himself above another. But the ride up itself, does not indicate some status-related. The ride up itself means probably not really much. "

These passages are taken from the text;

Why fuck dogs

The "a reason" for this normal behavior, there are not

Original by Marc Bekoff, Ph.D.,

http: //www.easy-dogs.net/home/blog/der \ _hund \ _zucht \ _haltung / maria \ _rehberger / wa ...

What does this mean for you and your dog? If it frequently striking in certain situations occur, especially when then adult males and ensures Ärgen and brawls among dogs, it is already too late. The signals that the dog were sending not understood.

Your young upstart is probably stressed by situations with other dogs, the dog visits, for example, in the dog school with the new addition and other dogs, for example ....

About stress behavior of dogs, there are good books:

Stress, anxiety and aggression in dogs, quarrying and Prevention Author: Anders Hallgren

Omigod: The influence of stress and anxiety on the brain and behavior, Author: Heike Westedt / Ute Blaschke Berthold

My advice, in addition to the book tips: You have to learn specifically as deal with your dog that he is not overwhelmed in situations with dog, which he displays by excessive Behuckeln you.

Please, leave this dog school. One would have to say you this long ago and you support your dog to provide security. You react now at your half-olds do not you get one with other dogs - fear aggressive dog.

Please go to the Internet at your zip code and the search terms - animal learn, calling dog, Cum cane, dog Inform, easy dogs, IBH dog schools, train instead dominate you find in your direct living environment an experienced and well-trained & fortgebideten dogs specialized people who you, you both help is such situations can be seen in the future and elegantly circumnavigating or handle.

Good luck, joy & success but = call immediately in such a dog trainer with excellent training.

Immediately stop and not only see if it the other dog is fun or not! We did that on our dogs (German Spaniel) made as the lady has told us at the dog school: you can see that the dog begins ride up, go immediately, without a word put into the neck and pull down the other dog. Turnip has then only tried twice, then was quiet. And 'ne castration should only be thinking, if your dog is fully grown.

The pubescent and does important. Sexual Nature is the climbing rather not. Under binding it, directing from the dog. get busy with him.

This is normal, so weird that sounds. Dogs show by who's the boss why he does it even with rude. he comes slowly in the "puberty" and wants to prove himself. Most older dogs as relatively merciful because your dog might still puppies protection. Eventually, he will certainly be rejected cope but then he knows where he stands. Prevent should dus anyway, other dog owners see the not so happy when her dog is jumped by another in this way. It may also be that your dog eventually takes over and you know in their place (this may growl by to express).

Hello wombat6,

It seems that your dog is in the Pubatierung. It is the sexual nature. It also shows the fact that he wants to show that he is the boss.

MfG Angelika

Yes so what belongs inhibited, it may otherwise rapidly occur Beißerei, not every dog ​​tolerates so easy.

My dog ​​had also, just send the phase in the age consistently down. Today I have to just clear his throat if he wants to try it.

but eventually it comes times to a dog that is not found so funny.

he is already noted. what does the the dog school to

Of course, you should stop and observe the mainly. The Small is slowly growing. Should not change during the time the behavior, you need to be a castration think (is not chemically).

I would stop umd he bestrafen.Ist Castrated? This is important then he might stop.

Let him enjoy something in life he is also just a manm

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