A bit abspecken- like?

Hey guys :) I would like a little decrease. I am 13 years old and am not really thick, not moppelig. I have just only a little tummy, but you would by no longer move sieht.ich do once a week for 1 1/2 hours Ballet and run 1 times a week for 1 1/2 hours skate. Otherwise I drive every day with strong wind across the fields to school half an hour. My goal is the bacon to get away at the belly that I get a Flat Stomach without pulling. Have you exact idea for me how to do that (not just diet or exercise but concrete things)? Thanks already. Eure Allie :) Ps: if I get muscles or not there is a matter of indifference to me.

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Hello! It runs only useful on sports.

Diets doing no sense and are more dangerous with. 13 Run - proved by studies - lasting more likely to weight gain. Yoyo. Unless you're up to your end of life diet, and who does?. It makes more sense to move more. Sports.

Optimal for fat burning are the elliptical machine, treadmill and jogging. Training time at least 1/2 hour and not too fast, in order to stay in the aerobic zone with good fat burning. Is the pace too high, the body switches from burning fat partly on carbohydrates in order, because they are more readily available. Zumba is great and goes home. Question times get started You Tube by Zumba Fitness, because you have the choice and can. A total body workout with an extreme calorie consumption.

Or workouts like this:


Also gesuender-abnehmen.com notes in an article: "Sport can prevent yo-yo effect" and comes to the conclusion: "Conclusion: who moves escapes Jojo trap".

I wish you a beautiful Easter Sunday, a lot of success.

I get that time by soccer a very defined stomach. Even I ate less candy and made sure the evening to eat anything greasy. Meanwhile, I go to the gym but that you are still too young, therefore blowing simple everyday sport and simply eat less sweets then it works fast because your metabolism is super even at your age.

At age 13, your body is not yet fully grown. In the nächtsen 1 1/2 years, can do much to change, was with me too. When I was 14 I weighed in at a size of 1.64 59kg, which is a 'normal' weight, but is at the limit. Now 16 I'm the same size but weigh 55kg now without making sport. So do not worry about your weight;)

Hi Allie,

Crunches OR SITUPS

Crunches are exercises for the abdominal muscles.

Just as with the situps one is in the home position on the back and angles to the legs. cause his hands to his head and turn our gaze upwards.

Now is lifted by means of dynamically active abdominal muscles, the upper back, including the shoulder blades off the floor and lowered again. The back should not come back completely into the lying position.

Keep up the tension during the exercise. The lower back is constant in contact with the ground.

http: //www.fitforfun.de/sport/fitness-studio/crunches-oder-situps-so-trainiert-m ...

I would say .... Fitnissstudio is right! or home Days 25x 25x situps pushups 20x Side Steps

That was exactly my problem: c But then I switched from vegetarian to vegan and immediately removed: DD and to get well clear of all soy products and so: 3 (Beonce lives vegan) ^ - ^

A small belly does not matter, look in the mirror if your back is straight, usually is namely the belly bit ago when one is slightly crooked because ..

This is not necessary in your age, if you have not just overweight ...

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