A black 'pimple' on the labia?

Hello, I have taken the last few months, just in the last year (about the end of 2014) noticed that I have on my labia a pinhead grosden black pimple (looks like a black small knubbel). However, it is not a pimple and also does not hurt. When I light the other hand, hold it acts as if it just dark 'touches' is. What could it be? I know I can to gynecologist so I planned on but I still can not wait that long because it makes me very worried. I thank you already very much on your answers!

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This is an ingrown hair.

since growing Häärchen etc and one is filled just below the skin grown and there to a ball of this little "pimple".

Must either go to the doctor or himself operate in you and rumpulen with a needle as to the open skin layer and the hair can be removed using tweezers.

(Better go to the doctor) otherwise do not forget the needle and the tweezers disinfektieren

was operating not you mess with yourself and make even not with needles to intimate, go definitely to the doctor. nothing must indeed be bad, but better so

lg elli

Well a clogged sebaceous gland, but ask times a doctor.

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