A dog barking non-stop, call Poli time?

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Here since about 40 minutes a barking dog outside in this cold. Can it be that the owner what happened to it and barking about? It does not seem to be dumb, and in between are also only very short breaks.

The best answer

If you really make you worried, then look around times, if you can find him. Do you know anyone with a Hun? Or do you know who could belong to the dog? if so, the person call at times. If not, then I would look for the dog and when really what happened, call the police

Test your neighbor or whoever times to reach by phone (if necessary Tel. Number from Herold). Look at you to get out of your window.

If besides you no attention to the dog? When he barks I would continue even longer call the police, to be better than careful!

look at the best times over and if that is herrchen because you tell him just that you did worry you because the dog has been barking all the time

Can you do. Do you see him out of a window? It may also be that he has run away or has been suspended.

Is it too much to ask to see first, even after the dog (and possibly owner)?

Find the dog but at first. And good that there are people who also care about dogs

Just call me ask just once to the police and tell the officers what you have observed .Then best what can be done and whether the police someone vorbeikommt.LG juweda

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