A dog breed that I have seen before, but the race does not know

Hello I wanted to know if you could help me to imagine this breed? A standard poodle or German Wirehaired Pointer can not be .... what do you think?

The best answer

Can the size of the image badly estimate ... might be subspecies Strobel a Altdeutscher Sheepdog. Http://www.altdeutschehuetehunde.de//?id=10

picture is a bit inconvenient ... how big is the dog? schnauzer is no and no Russian Terrier or bouvier des flandres (ears too long and too short fang) ... could a poodle be (based on the ears (without schurr)) could be a schapendoes be black or a lagotto romagnolo black .. .ohren like a Spaniel and catch like a griffon?

hmm find it extremely difficult to say how big this dog is ... find the picture no clue. It could be a Russian Terrier ....

This is a Portuguese Water Dog or a black Briard.

possibly a Tibetan Terrier ... LG

This is a Bouvier ... will occasionally be mistaken for a giant ...

Think that is a labradoodle

Could be a water dog.

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