A dog what good do

I have a dog I've already bathed and brushed and ate it also

The best answer

Google "Employment dog for a walk", because the greatest thing for a dog is with you (his pack) to go times for "hunting". Something like digging together under a root, behind the tree hide, sticks to and herschleppen, treat (special!) Search, etc.

The blödste from dogs view bathe and completely counterproductive for the coat health

Please do not often bathe the dog. Only when it is absolutely necessary. Make prefer a long or a Stroll Bindungsspatziergang in which you experience with the dog "adventure". If tracks Search or makes Dummytraining. A dog filled with such things from oxytocin, as if we cuddle. So you can do more good to the animal, as with any Leckerlie or any grooming. The care must be, but the Baden engages only the protective layer of the skin.

something good you can do for your little friend, if you give him your time, go for a walk with him and can play with him. Then he is satisfied and would accept you as a friend and love. Greetings from bienemaus63

You're doing your dog any good if you do not bathe him!

Baden takes a dog not sparkling. He should also not often. The only true is a sufficient outlet every day. Playing with other dogs and with you. He is happy and satisfied :)

If you want to do your dog any good, then you let it remain to bathe the dog prefer! Dogs are only bathed when they have eingesaut absolutely filthy-nasty ...

Healthy dogs have a clean coat when they are brushed regularly.

Good and appropriate nutrition is essential for healthy dogs ...

And if you want to do the dog even more good, then you go one extra round romp outdoors, or now in the evening there's an extra round make Web Games ...

Walking, throwing sticks - play with him .. Since there are a lot. But like most to be petted it. Sooooo long ;-) Regards

Schenk your friend all your love and Zuneigung.Sei always there for him in sickness and Gesundheit.Steh always to your word that you gave him when you got him. More good you can not him tun.Er gives his life in your Hände.Enttäusche him never

I it already bathed

then let in the warm apartment, otherwise they will get sick! Baden is not good especially in cold weather!

go out and play with her.

Go out with her as soon as her coat is dry again. Dogs like to run.

The dog's coat has bathe a natural protection and zuvieles does more harm than good. Let life be the dog and just be there when he needs him for you.

If you want something very good to do what many do not know and do always wrong:

Many stroke her and the head ... which is not void!

Dogs love it when they move on to where the hind legs stroked and massaged to tail .... because so many muscles are hardly does not make a ...

More massive the case back to the tail that regularly ... The dog is happy as ever!

give treats, then reichts

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