A good book to Adobe Illustrator CS5?

Hello Hello,

I am a trained media designer and looking for a good book to Adobe Illustrator CS5. There must be a professional book. Gladly a beginners book.

In my own research following books have caught my eye:

Illustrator CS5: Entry, practical, professional advice from Dagmar Löffler

Adobe Illustrator CS5: The comprehensive manual (Galileo Design) by Monika Gause


Adobe Illustrator CS5 - The professional entry (Galileo Design) by Kai Flemming.

Can anyone tell me something about the books to me? Suggest me or give advise also it or recommend me a very different book?

I thank you in advance for any reply! :-)

The best answer


I know both books and I know Monika G. and there is nothing beyond their expertise.

The books of MG are for beginners as well as professionals with the long-Illu. work, the books of their not free nearly 1,000 pages. She writes very practical and the money really worth it.

Or are you in the forums here where they regularly answers are to Illu.Fragen ;-)

Look at Amazon and you let the customer reviews about books that should help you.

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