A medium-sized dog breed

Hello, I'm currently looking for a means Great breed. Medium means to me about (from) 30cm-45cm. I live in a small village, that we have enough dirt roads, meadows or appropriate way to go for a walk. Danke schon msl for all the answers in advance :) Lg

The best answer

look at times pet books on, questioning woman Google and driving to the shelter ...

who appeals to you a race, inquire out about her essence (you have to read well between the lines act können..eigenständiges he = does not obey to seating whom he has something else in the head, he has his own head and knows what he wants and reacts add unto thy without, for example, can also be dangerous whom he a child as a threat ansieht..oder intelligent = the dog learns very quickly, but also learns each sch ... first and fast, you can well forden over-as it just he uses each of your inconsistency from slot-ear) ...

then get yourself reputable breeder, www.vdh.de (looking only february anekannte grower, february is the umbrella organization of official grower) ... visit the times, look to the dogs, as they are in character and I also deal with it, I can their characteristics and needs are ... a good breeder will you talk a dog, whom he noted that it is not a race for you

So Hy:

shiba inu

jack russel (but you need a strong hand)



shetland sheepdog (very beautiful dog) also australian sheperd called


So I myself have a Dalmatian and would you present this breed also warmly!

Dalmatians are spotted white and black. You are fond of children and sociable! Moreover, I find that they look very classy.

They need lots of exercise and sooooo much love :-)

Hi ever looked at the shelter? Am I really sure that determines a dog in size also have;) Here comes yet so few in question, less would possibly go after the race, but after the dog standing in front of you. It is not always vote the breed descriptions and every dog ​​is and remains an individual. If then also never thought that I'm going to have a Podenco mix, according Podencos I never thought out, because according to me. Breed description therefore come just too difficult. So I would have if I had looked stubborn racially never get my buddy here, when he was in "Mongrel" to us as a foster dog and I never wanted to take hounds because my cats. Find therefore that you should choose the dog more, if you know him personally and noted that it fits like Ar ... in buckets;) And that tells you someone who has looked at the beginning by a large Bello at the shelter (and according to German Pinscher or Dobermanmix) and with a Chihuahua mix home run is because was right from the beginning, the chemistry)

French bulldog? Pug? or something that does not snore as Yorkshire Terrier?

are a lot of breeds.

Should he be purebred?


Look nevertheless once the shelter!

There are many races can you yes even a dog book with breeds buy.

Some breed examples:

Jack Russel


Norwich Terrier / Norfolk Terrier (29cm)



Cocker spaniel

Wesh Highland White Terrier

Here you can otherwise yes once schauuen which races would fit: https://www.pedigree.at/hunderassen/default.aspx

Actually, I'm not a fan of these tests, but this is really good!

Lg. Lena

Long or short hair or family dog ​​but is aiming to get one?

to get when it's all about breeds called by size, then it would be better if you Aunt Google strive ...

you can fit about 222 breeds plus a lot of amazing Mongrels In said of you ... Size chart

Dogs experience available? What are you doing with the dog? How long he's alone?

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