A protector dog? What does that have for a meaning?

Hello, first I wanted to say that I am a new here now ask her to write! My girlfriend has gira given me and since one can not delete a question do not be surprised if the questions are psycho sorry but this is really so ^^ Do not come to me: D So we come to my story / question: My mama told me when I was born readme Jecky the dog never out of sight and always lay down to me and slept with me Whenever my mother or! my aunt (you heard the dog I'll tell you the same something to) wanted to get me growled and did not let the two ran at me DSie thought they even feared that they also wanted to bite so: Dobra think she has the two do not: DSie aLWAYS been in and protected me like a bodyguard can so sagen.Als wanted to see a woman to me in the pram she woke up and began to teeth Flätschen and bellen.Die woman terrified: D and that was always so up I get older and true ^^ she saw only very rarely (Was also from then on a serious time because I went to school etc: D) now died the Jecky love a year ago: ((I am now 14 :)) and the question for you: What was that for a meaning I and my family have something never heard and something is nowhere on the internet: D sorry, the sounding sooooo crazy but vllt ye know what I do not have the relationship of dogs and people know: D

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Hello Gira6000, I believe the dog has you as its "Young" adopted and protected from then on. He was faithful to you until his death. It was between the two of you just a very deep connection, the dog would have given his life for you. That's a nice story that you write there.

So I Have This actually heard more often so I am surprised that you did not find anything there .-. Hmm That sounds vllt even funny But I formulate the simple times somehow XD If you as a baby already in the dog are he notices that you are still weak and defenseless are And some dogs is the relative matter or it is even jealous, but have some dogs just a beschützerinstikt (so I call the book now simply times) xD that comes as people also entirely on the character of the dog to ^^ Especially when there are female dogs, the myself never had children, search the After something What you raise and can protect :) Well Kürz said Das is not sooo commonplace But that there has often ^^ my mother would be just, the dog has learned to walk her even: 'D Anyway, you can be glad that you had such a great friend and I'm sorry The fact that he now no longer there: /

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