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I have to make a sea tour on foot and by boat before in 2 years. So I'm going with several people (about 5 people) ride together through the Pacific and to explore various islands, solitary unknown islands and several beaches and visit. Of course, I know some adventurous Known very like to participate in the trip and we are also aware of the dangers. We will probably take some weapons, bandages, medicines and etc., because we will take no technology, so no cell phone, no PC, no GPS, except just a compass and some clothes.

Now to my question: When I travel, I would like a dog with us, so we do not get bored and barks when dangers lurk or the night watching, if we stay on the islands. We will probably explore all day deserted islands and it should not be a weak sleeping pooch, but a sporting dog that can walk and run a lot. It is best to be large and to be well suited for hunting and of course people friendly :) I've googled and thought of a German Shepherd or a Khoi-Khoi. If you know a better more suitable dog, then I'm looking forward to the answers :)

(PS: Of course I will not give the dog after the trip, because it's totally sad and I always do such an adventure like.)

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In any case you should then already begin the dog to train because he has so much to know not which is part of a normal dog's life. Also you should have a first aid course for dog owners visit because if you somewhere at ARSC! the world since you have to be able to supply the animal if he would collect something.

The extent to which the dog your needs make you probably nobody say. Especially since some ideas though somewhere in the Marquesas are nice, but doing here your neighbors insane or your dog to exclusive on-the-leash-run condemn once the trip is over (because he has learned the chase is great with food eingringt, your praise and plenty of adrenaline)

I have a white shepherd dog, they would certainly have fun all day to run around, but not to the warm climate, the summer they tried to sleep through and only wenns again goes below 15 ° C it turns on properly. a holiday and the Canadian wilderness they would love;)
She does not bark, stupft me but if someone is at the door, silent alarm quasi ^^ Hunting would if they did not know that did ^^, something probably not begin because the deer rabbits are more agile and faster as it prohibited me.
Shepherds are not overly courageous, they often look just exactly where they are going and if they do not like what they see or they must smell "persuaded" that route will still go (or you are confined somewhere else, my is as stubborn as a donkeys then ^^). It is associated with a lot of training everything possible to show them in advance and to be harmless to sell what could be stress later.

Mach dich doch mal clever dogs which ever abkönnen the warm / humid climate, have little problems with physical ailments and are eager to learn. Hunting I would not let the animal that can you do yourself and place as loops is not really complicated and works great.

Hi, that sounds so exciting to: D really cool :) Important for you is primarily whether the dog ever mitdarf because you still have to bring other stuff in dogs, as the passport. So should advance research what are the states, countries, islands to conditions for Hunde.Sprich what vaccinations he have mus, if there is a quarantine period etc .... And then I would not look pretty big races, but for something tangible which is robust, which I do not count underneath the classic German shepherd because they are very often breeds and joint problems etc haben.Mit the other you mean probably the Rhodesian Ridgeback ?? So the dog breed with the open back and the fur which no undercoat has? The poor would depending on where you schippert freeze rather quickly .... He must then be able to move what the boat is something obstructive. The Pacific is huge, in which corner it is to go for ??? Would ever before raussuchen a rough route, take into account the climatic conditions and consider what it is to be used specifically. Although like going to training hunting with a sheepdog might, but could be more difficult to prove than with a Ridgeback, as it already brings a good hunting instinct from the house.

However, you must note how will hunt you ..... there are various hunting dogs. There are dogs to find the help wildlife, there are dogs that are pure vision hunters and rushing (since then I do not know if it recurs with prey), there are dogs that wild startle (Duck Toller example, so that the hunter can shoot them) , Then still there Baujäger, could for example, a Ridgeback the problem that he can not follow the rabbit under construction, a dachshund already ...

Personally, I would advise you to an all-rounder which can do well with water, it will indeed see quite a lot of :) The Curly Coated Retriever would such a candidate :) http://www.drc.de/content/curly-coated- retriever Detailing-description

But you make the dog already begin to exercise, namely that depends almost everything from education from. This naturally requires a hunting training and a lot of sports.

But what I Miach question, did you form ordenlich before traveling enough time to make the animal? And what's next? Did you then still have time, the animal (which it is accustomed to be called for the whole day), properly utilize? Since then rich even four hours is no longer made.

Heavy I imagine also to feed the dog go.

To have the desired skills you You have to train the dog in advance for now. What do you feed him when you on a deserted island (which you naturally found everywhere and is not protected and may not be entered) only finds berries? What do you do with the dog when he races through rough terrain breaks the paw or a poisonous plant eats, stung by something? Are you studying you before still fast veterinary medicine?

Turn on your adventure alone and not withdrawing nor any animal with pure because you could be bored.

before you for such an adventure a dog looking on you -solltest only times not only by age but also by the brain to grow up enough to plan everything realistic ... a dog simply because of the different regulations and rules do not take .. no dog feels on a boat well!

if your dog out for, there should be no problems, except perhaps with the immigrating rules ... however you make the impression of a layman. I would advise you to get the dog more stress than is necessary, although many dog ​​owners have no idea ... dogs who live their own, and like to live in the pack, but some need a little longer to find their place, which depends materially from those rudel leaders from ...

"... I've already googled and thought of a ... Khoi-Khoi."

Soso, you thought of a "Khoi-Khoi", that's just as cute as your whole question! :)

Such a trip with a dog, as you imagine it to us here, requires years of planning, I guess so ... Especially in these times ... ^^ ... Unless you is under your accompanying friends to a famous pirates performer, whose name here absurdly must not be named ... ^^

A dog "... wilderness for few months Adventure" it can not be bought for money, the you must you work out on their own. And if you do that with an open heart, then you will very accurately you consider whether you really want to expect this dog the rigors of a voyage ...!

... Go, but the Camino with dog, which appears to me to be exciting enough for a first adventure trip! :)

A dog is not a compass or a commodity that one. In the trunk pack and finished

There is a living being. It animal is to serve for such a plan must be trained properly. And I hardly think you have the idea of ​​dogs have to bring him hunting etc at. What Lasts years.

What about the dog after your trip? Where will he live? In a large city on a leash? can bend you. He is not accustomed.

Plan your journey first, because a dog can not you just drag out everywhere. There are immigrating to specifications the many local extremely stringent.

Dear Sinalein15,

even if you have my answer is not going to like: Please forget your adventurous travel plans with dog times very quickly !!!

A dog that you now not even own call your, you have determined for months to train so he can ever make such tours with you ...

In the non-European countries you have to reckon with very extremely different entry and exit rules for the dog ... And you still hast no knowledge in the direction I speak it to you times easily from dasss you the so on the series get how you imagine it.

And until you're of age ... and up you have the money for such a trip together, a lot of water is probably still down flowing the Rhine ...

This is no offense, can dream finally each ...

... But a little realistic you should have to tackle the issue ...

but take on such a journey not a technique weapons ????

are you crazy?

and then

with a dog ???

for dogs (and for people) there Immigration Regulations of countries.

too many Lassie looked ???

http: //www.stern.de/panorama/tod-in-der-suedsee-die-angst-sitzt-tief-1744277.htm ... that should you ever read

Very bad idea ...

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