A very well-drawn Animie?

Heyo: 3 I draw myself like seehr Mangafiguren and take a lot of minor things from Animies in my drawings ^^ some Animies've got a mega Good story, but are not as strong drawn :( so my question is whether you know a Animie by it's more about women (so not like in Death Note) aand is well drawn (: the story is not so important: DD Thank you in advance ^ o ^

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So I personally find Akuma no Riddle very great. The people there are all just women. Beautiful setting and the graphic style I like personally very much. :)


Kotonoha no niwa (The garden of words)

The story is not so outstanding, but that is by the drawing / animation of the most beautiful anime movie I've seen so far.

In my opinion, Kill la kill is very well drawn: D So really I have not yet watched the can continue daily even once.

Soul eater or Sora no otoshimono :)

So Tip: Do not look Boku no Pico (SchwulenP0rn) And Soul Eater is the anime eyes Carcinogenic. Look drawn Highschool DxD (OK and comes to demons, fighting against the Angels. Great melons and good story

Anime * Good drawn is Btooom!

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