A2 license 0,014KW over it


I intend to make an A2 license. Now the rule applies 0,2KW / kilo.

Now is the limit exactly at 0,200000 KW? I have before me a KTM LC4 400 ER to buy. The bike has 30 KW weight has not yet been 100%. According to google it has a weight of approx 140Kilo. That would mean that the distribution is 0.214 KW per kilo. May I go or not now? I'm then 0.014 KW about it!

Thanks for the answers

Greeting Tobi

The best answer

That is not allowed, which means at least a weight difference of 10 kg. La9 grow anything to you, then what is firmly connected, and submit it to the higher weight of min. 150 kg. Then it works again.,

Represents the FeV to a maximum 0,2kw / Kg or stands up to approximately 0,2kw / Kg?

To my knowledge, allowed to you machine if the result so NOT true drive. At a number of infinitely many zeros hang it, so is 0.2 = .20000000000000000 ..... and not 0.21.

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