A4 initial cost insurance and tax

Hello wants the day an Audi A4 1.8 Quattro buy with 125ps, now. Departs anyone happen to a a4 and can tell me what still on the purchase price is all draufkommen etc to insurance tax, so that he is ready and what will it cost me all the fun. Thank you !

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I once had a a4 Year 2010, the carton is a luxury car tax I had Lpg 198euro but I had a 3,0liter dare I had no defects with 60.00kmh for 19.000erworben

My brother has one.

2,4l petrol engine from 1999 pays VAT Comprehensive € 48 ... now amazed .. without full insurance he came at 44 €: D As the decision his lady was easy since travel by car: D

Tax according to engine size ... NEN 1.8er costs € 121 / year

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