Abchlussfeier looking beautiful song :)


I have in the foreseeable future my graduation party.

We are looking for a beautiful song to "invade", so if all 10 graders go on stage and a song to "march out" so if all leave with their certificates to the stage. Do you have some nice ideas?

The best answer

Mgmt - kids, punching in a dream - the nacked and famous, young blood - the nacked and famous, stayin out all night - wiz khalifa

SPAM - Fewjar feat. Tommy Blackout =)

Halo Beyonce

EARTH & FIRE - "Song Of The Marching Children"

Huhuu! I can tell you hia recommend this song:

Hall of Fame.

Epices emotion,

Deep founder, text matching

"You can beat the world"

"And the world gonne know your name"


So definitely good fit: D

I need a dollar would also be nice

Memories - david guetta, and we danced - Macklemore, time of your life - kid ink

That would be something :-)

Rush - Roll the bones

See you again :)

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