Abdominal pain after getting 1

I woke up this morning and had a full bladder. After I had emptied my full bladder, I had abdominal pain. Now I do not know if they come from cornflakes with milk from last night or something else?

What can I do?

thank you in advance

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In your place I would watch and see if this does not exist by itself again all the symptoms exactly. I also think that the full bladder may have "annoyed" any adjacent organ. Whether that may be allergic to milk did you react eh already mentioned, and this too should you ever watch more closely. If the abdominal pain does not go away, then you might like to go to the doctor. Get well!

Is prop. What normal-looking as it develops


the full bladder pressed on the adjacent bowel.

Probably the intestine is something "out of tune", after your meal.

You'll get over.


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