Abdominal pain - what do you mean again?


The question I'm embarrassed but no matter.

Always after bowel movement I have abdominal pain for hours strong, but after that, before not.

Defecation is normal, except that every time fresh blood here.

But this occurs only after the bowel movement at once I've eaten what.

Has anyone experience what this could be?

PS. My blood values ​​are atrocious, platelets too low, and finally at 134 thousand, but now again totally blue stains and petechiae, so are already pretty far down.

The pain will go away only when I sleep, the next day are no longer there.

The best answer

I would directly with the doctor. Blood in the stool is an acute warning signal of your body. He can initiate the right treatment.

To improve digestion grundätzlich or accelerate, I can only advise you, a toilet stool (Hoca) to use, because by the stool, take back the natural toilet position (such as when you have to go to the toilet in the wild times; -)). In the book "gut Charming" it is also recommended for bowel is no longer bent in a crouch, but just so that everything can quickly and easily leave the body. One must not press unnecessarily.

Please seek immediate medical help, the body seems since to have a real problem. Blood in the stool is a very important warning, because that can have many complex causes. Only the doctor can really decide here, what is the best for you. So, off to the doctor and get well soon :)

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