Seeking a song that is not as 0/8/15. So please do not these typical songs à la Whitney Houston (One moment in time) or We are the Champions. Seeking something poignant (it can also be a bit rocky) and where one looks on stage because it's my turn at the end. Our Abithema deals with film and television, so it can also calm a similar Fanfare be :-) The music sequence will only be for 40 seconds and, therefore, there must be something striking. And no music with swear words, something is not allowed :-D Thanks!

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Well I found:

Casper - So Perfekt

Casper - Up and away

I also find that many "carried more" musical pieces fit. Especially film music. Partly also slow and without beat. (Philipp Poisel or other songwriter) This one stands out everything pleasant.

What I also found quite funny: One has taken the theme song of GTA San Andreas. Listen to some games theme songs of movies / games, which you used to love liked.

Another has taken a 'Mafia song ". Although sound after funeral, but was something else.

On Us - Andreas Bourani

Although WM's biased, but fits in my opinion, great for prom. :)


Aaron Copland & ELP: Fanfare For The Common Man

Awolnation -sail


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