Abnormal properties?

Hi, I think I'm not normal anyway, because I have qualities that others do not necessarily have. I hope someone here can help someone or tell me if I should draw a psychologist for help. To me (I'm 17 years old):

-Have no need for contact with friends (have not many) -I disguise myself when I'm with other people like -I -I feel uncomfortable no (long) hugs when other know my feelings will -I nervous if someone looks into the eyes -mir is often said that I sometimes say strange things (in my eyes but are normal) -I am afraid of doing something wrong -I sometimes interpret facial expressions or wrong can not judge whether someone good grade is or cranky

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Hey :)

In your place I would not count on such issues on the Internet. Here you no one knows. And you can not just strangers close bring under 3000 characters and share as much as that one of them might really help.
Clear get as many ideas and I might also offer some psychological terms, disorders and medical conditions - but why? So you then unsettled googelst and yourself then abklopfst after the symptoms that you read then?

What I you but (as strangers on the Internet that does not know you) want to say:
In my view, the most important question for you if you are suffering from your perceived otherness. Whether it's stopping you something. Probably yes, because otherwise you would not ask what's wrong with you here.
Therefore, I think that an initial meeting with the psychologist could be a good thing. The then also know how to diagnose what with you or they do not.

Wishing you all the best.

Hello Honigtopf3003, very reluctantly we know remote diagnostics without you here on the net. But I recommend you to go to a psychiatrist, specifically to a child and adolescent psychiatrist, because you are not yet of age. Just as Duch you describe, it could be the Asperger syndrome. Take a look at here: http://www.aspergersyndrom.info/ might you find yourself in the description?

The way you are, it is good. You only have to find the appropriate context, the fits you and where your weaknesses into strengths are! All the best!

You must you no means feel funny, everyone has strange properties, since you allowed to by no means feel lonely. Besides these behaviors affect you to a great extent in your daily life, then you'd have psychological help avail, but console yourself, you're not alone

This has partly indicate missing empathic skills. (What ahben many psycho paten). Wen it but as with your are you lifestyle well why you solslt what about it?

So what is called autism or introverted.

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