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Hi first . And although I have to buy me before a dog is watching already in the picture. Well I have to racial searched but found nothing .. Maybe you already know "Boo" :) Just that I want. Most told me that's a Pomeranian. But if I "Pomeranian" Enter H to look at whether the exact are images come because of dogs the sums look like this. I do not know whether the are but repays I think sometimes you can help me! Just tell me whether if I "Pomeranian" Enter H that as BOO are the same. Or Boo has a different breed.

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Boo is a shorn Pomeranian / Pomeranian. Clear one should look whether a dog like in appearance, but not only. Inform yourself well about the breed. I have a Pomeranian, which is a pair cm larger than the Pomeranian. These dogs have a huge amount of energy for their size. In addition, they should also not care how at Boo. This means that you have to wash the auchmal Popo when is dirty :) and they are also very happy bell. For me, they are a very great race, exactly lively, established and happy mind I find so great. :) But precisely, I certainly informed about half a year me before buying. It is a German Longhair dog which by Asians unfortunately etc like a Teddy is treated ..

Go and get creative to no, the fate deserves no dog ...

If you're already therefore decide for this race because someone zurechtschnibbelt his dog with scissors on a Kindchenschema and du Luv in the eyes get you it obviously unsuitable as a partner for this very intelligent dogs.

If you can ever give to a questioner reasonable information on the characteristics and needs of zwerspitzen, then you possibly can watch a superior to purchase.

Boo is the "nickname" of the dog on the left picture, just like some dogs Luna, Karl - hot Otoo or Hasso, is this guy because now times BO. He belongs to the breed Dt. Pomeranian on, or else Pomeranian. The dogs only "similar" look, is that the dog "cut" on the right photo was so girls think "Oh how cute".

First and foremost, it's a dog. Just like a Dt. Great Dane, a pit bull, Labrador or Rottweiler. Tip were bred over many generations as guardians of the courts to report the task anything unusual, and they do today - have fun in a rented apartment! They do not necessarily have invented the absolute obedience, and that can at owners who have the dog because he's so cute and "in" fast start after hinte.

Furthermore, just contact heart problems, epilepsy, trachea or problems with the palate sailing at the very young representatives on

Must it necessarily be that you're joining this animal cruelty? First you will find the beautiful, after a time it is you do not care. Of course, an old mixed breed from a shelter, for example, you do not want. And why? Because you do not care about the character and properties but for the appearance. It sounds as if you only want to use a dog as a status symbol. Just think about it, this is a dog and not a toy. Buy yourself but a plush dog, looks just as sweet!

"Boo" :) Just that I want

how old are you, that you clients choose you a dog only after the appearance?

A dog must be able to meet and must match one!

This "Boo" is rightly styled, normally see the different.

In addition, this breed has an enormously thick and dense undercoat, accordingly, the dog does not shed too much, so that the coat through the entire apartment swirls when the maintenance is sloppy!

A dog lives 10-18 years and must be supplied every day of his life and maintained accordingly! The medical care must be guaranteed at all times!

Boo is the name :). Is a Pomeranien only bissien hair cut short

The 1000000 Boo question.

Google broken?

Boo is called a Pomeranian or Pomeranian. This Exempolar had to be shaved because of inability of the owner (the race takes a lot Fwellpflöege and lazy people have since not feel like it). And then he made so. Now the coat its effect can not fully develop (protection and air-conditioning), and he must weiterb ei this assistive living. And durcvh enough people like you, this LÖeute living find visually great as a reward for their laziness even of dog. Great goal something.

Hollow Get a Shina Inu

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