About chemistry task acids and bases;

Hello, me could someone please help short times? . I should :( write at a task which respond to the following substances acidic, basic or neutral .....

Hcl, NaCO3 and FeCl3

How do you do that? Do I have to only look at what materials they dissociate within water? What do I do next?

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Unfortunately there is no easy way. Roughly try highly charged ions (twice, even more so in triplicate) a portion of the charge to be at least get rid of. This explains why CO3-- protons receives (ie base is), Fe +++ protons, namely emits from its hydration (ie acid, as it would be in Al +++). In HCl explains unfortunately nothing (of course there is already an explanation)

It is best to always runs with indicator paper around in the pocket and looks.

Maybe you should write only once the materials correctly, as far as possible here.

And it is possible in any case, because the fabric also have names, not just formulas.

And yes, of course you have to know how the substances "dissociate", which by the way is an outdated notion for over 100 years. And before that you need to know how the materials are constructed.

And of course you have to know how the substances or "dissociation" react in water. Just as acid or base or not.

Think of the reaction products!

HCl + H2O → H3O + + Cl-

Since H3O + is formed, we are in the acid.

Na2CO3 + H2O → 2 Na + + HCO3- + OH-

Since OH is produced, we are in the alkaline.

FeCl3 is only solvated by the water as it is a salt. Therefore, the pH is not changed.

HCl = hydrochloric acid ph value -1 sour

NaCO3 = sodium basic

FeCl3 = iron chloride (sour)

Sauer-basic-acidic. That with the dissociation is a good idea. Then you need to know the properties of the ions involved.

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