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I'd like to do a language course. I would prefer English for 4 weeks. The problem here is the money ... It kir would even really matter in which country it would go, it just has to be low ... Which organizations it is particularly favorable, and in which country? Thanks for any reply!

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Well, Courses and appropriate provider that's what abundant, so the choice is not easy.

You should definitely choose an international school where not only German, because if all each other has only talk German, brings the whole thing very little.

Even if the price scare initially, remember that quality is also to some degree has its price ... too cheap, I would not book.

To find the right one for you Language Travel Company, google times definitely very specifically to "students Course England" and then maile really all providers on the first three, four pages (otherwise makes no, but is good to the really good companies to find the front are the large, who paid dearly for the positions) and ask your personal questions. Oh, cheap and cheap is not the same ... compare definitely benefits.

The colorful catalogs, how nice is someone on the phone (the one who is not on site here) or any association memberships or seal are saying very little about the quality of. The recommendations here do not always say a lot because sometimes schools to recommend itself.

It is important in my opinion:

Maximum Number of students per class number of students per host family

- Qualification of teachers native teachers international classes with students NOT only from Germany

- Number of hours (60 min), no lessons; some advertise with many lessons, but it will be only 40-minute lessons!

- What is really included in the price (final price = Arrival + accommodation + food + - Animation, etc.). There many suppliers now the Ryan Air effect. As advertised with a cheap price and then everything comes added possible.

So, to work ;-)

Incidentally, I myself was indeed in recent years not in a school in England (oh dear, that was in the 80s), but my niece, and was very happy; she was with EuroproLanguage there ( www.europrolanguage.de ).

An alternative might be a replacement. This is much cheaper and just as effective as a normal language course.

I made 2 weeks language trip to England this has cost unfortunately € 1.370: / Look at:


Come jz it to how old you are ...

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