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Hello, I have a problem that bothers me too long since meherern years. I am 21 and suffer from premature ejaculation. At 17 I had my first time and could not even make a Bewebung and already I arrived, which then went to I 19 was so bad on. Eventually, it has strangely give art and think now maybe 5 min. from (still zukurz). I can hold much ausproiert and read a lot on the Internet to do something, unfortunately, it has not really brought. With my girlfriend or EX girlfriend now we have together tried a lot like other positions or extended foreplay, but also give no success. What I have done is stop using condoms, lube and used different techniques to train the stop premature ejaculation, but has brought nothing. What has always helped the alcohol was, then I could up to 10-20 min sex :), depending on how much I drank, but always drinking alcohol is the solution, I would like to do without additional aids. On what is it? If the head blame? Bring me a doctor what? Helps random acupuncture or hypnosis or something? : D

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  • First, I want to put the man to the heart to really enjoy his sexuality and they can not be measured in minutes. Many men like to come after 3-5 minutes and feel the outpouring only reluctantly forever beyond - more than the woman's sake, but not for himself Even the man may come when he feels like it..
  • Second, I propose to apply in any case, the method "steam hammer". Who quickly and strongly penetrated so vigorously happens and quickly pulls out, will always come after a few minutes, if not faster. This is intended by nature so! As bad sex films keep the men through forever.
  • Tried to slowly penetrate, go forth slowly, and pause times. Playing together, spoil each other, you caresses! Have really fun! Sex is no power and no sport, but first and foremost lovemaking - with an emphasis on both love and play. The more often your time doing break and the position changes, the longer the lovemaking will appear. Kissing caressing, make jokes, you peeping in the eye, have you loving. Enjoys because sex to perform instead of a penetration.
  • Try out, in which positions the girl is particularly close and in which more widely. The closer, the faster it will go; the further, the longer by the man.
  • To what extent oral sex or manual operation can be performed for long enough? How far he can control himself when he masturbates? What and how much can make the girl, without being ejaculated immediately?
  • A good exercise is to learn self-control. Every man has a "point of no return", from where he can not stop an ejaculation. From then he should just enjoy and not try it. But he can learn to feel in time, when this point comes and pause time in advance and to take a break. Install caresses, change position. If not for anything and prolongs lovemaking.
  • Addressing the man to practice while masturbating Bring you up just before the climax, make time pause. Horche into you. Learn how far you are. That does not work the first time, but after a few weeks practicing masturbating You will come to know you better and better and get a grip. This helps you then during lovemaking.
  • Really too early coming almost always has psychological causes, so excessive arousal and excitement. Often the solution lies in peace, understanding, relaxation and a lot of practice and habit. It would be good if you two could talk about it and share pulls together. Often it is men so embarrassed that they do not speak with the friend still with urologists about. ,
  • If the couple can talk openly enough about it, then you can also make good such games for two, for example, with a mixture of manual and oral sex. The man can be massaged and pampered and says know in time, before the "point of no return" comes. Playing coy with each other, let them kiss, lick, suck and tell her what, what, what's great better brilliant. Rotates the game well: Let show you how you can make it by hand, which various techniques there are, as you befriedigst with tongue and so on. Learning, from the performance to make a real love game.


  • For Ernst cases there numbing ointments such as EMLA cream and numbing sprays, ie agents that make him feel less and last longer, eg http://www.amazon.de/Stud-100-Triple-Pack-pack/dp/B00CBYF62U
  • Wearing condoms can also hold out a little longer than usually without protection; extra thick condoms are more effective in this regard.

If you are in front of the peak stop and do one minute on and repeat the process 4 times, and again and again. After a time it should go. ,

My advice would be that you tense the pelvic floor (Pc muscle), there are Video 61minutensex and body control by the sense that you do not think and splash but you totally concentrate only on the present moment so do you manage it much longer. In addition, you can if you manage directly after inject further masturbate which also gives self-control. I myself am 17 and started with 15th So after 3 months it worked perfectly

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