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Hello, a Bekanter from my dad for me my GTA 5 played through or really many Misionen done, so I now have about 5.5 million: D However I made whatever reason (I believe that the dog at igm died or so is: /) no longer :( this Rottweiler named Chop Can you vtl buy or get a neune Hun or so NEN pick / tame "free-running" ????..?

LG and thank you in advance :)

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The dog spawns at his new house down in the dog house always new go you just have in the villa down and there is a dog house and he spawns repeatedly even if he dies again :)

You can not buy pets in GTA 5, which is not Sims. But you can chop kill as often as you want and still spawns repeatedly in Franklin at the Villa in the dog house

No, and you also need not at all because Franklin's dog back at home Spawns.

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