About Plugin's in Minecraft?

Hello and be greeted to my question .....: D I've iConomy plugin installed and it can also be used BUT I can only enter this command "/ money" no more. If I want to enter "/ money pay (player name) (value)" I always have to go in OP .... but I would not do on the server OP but ..... As it goes without surgery? That's my question? MFG Toni

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Make it about such signs, which internally have a command. As with such purchase signs on boxes. Or you take a Command Block, but because you need per player and a set rules.

I can make dents gene FTP data server ip and OP

Please do not double post. Look at the answer from me on the first post.

Find out something about Permissionsex, a good plug-in is to give premissions ...

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