About what you would at school make a presentation (topic selectable)?

My question is above;) he will have 15-20min. go

I hope you can help

The best answer

So I once held a lecture on a coal power plant since I came on 17 minutes but we were about 3 and had a poster and a stapler made ..

about something that interests you. So machts more fun and interesting for others. There often are any bands or anything you like.

The theme should appeal to you and your classmates. Eighth best on it that you can represent the subject well. How about the issue of youth language, social networks, bullying, organ donation, shootings or body language? There are enough themes. ;)

Record topic that interests you .. Have fast much use material and is easier to memorize Lehrner

It depends on what it is so, otherwise you can take everything that suits you:

  • cooking
  • to bake
  • Kinererziehung
  • leisure
  • employment
  • relationship
  • electricity
  • automobile
  • Friendship
  • Etc

Good succeed :-)

Perhaps even more than any invention, which also affects your life ... We also had to make ever since and are really interesting presentations came out :)

if you wish to have a good note, then würd eich ncihts choose which you represent your own opinion. that could abut against the opinion of the teacher and then bekommste a bad note. do but something like: the balance of physical and mental gesudnheit. this is an easy topic what you can expand without other foot to kick on.

I would philosophize about the sense and nonsense of life

9/11, lies the people of a city

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