accepted my bank card is stolen or I lose it in "foreign" as I then come to money?

when I get my account number at a bank-SPECIFIED + password and ID card I can then withdraw money for example in a country like Thailand?

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If you no longer have your ATM card you get no money XD.

If you lose direct at the bank call and let them lock, and a new request.

You can not even cashback when you go to the bank (in which you specify your account Have) there then an account number angibst etc, then they will also ndich back white because you always need the map.

far as I know, but I can be wrong

MFG Chris

with ner bank card as EC and the V-Pay characters Gibt's no money. Then you should talk to his bank, either ne KK or good traveler's checks.

I can only repeat. Western Union, that is to say to a friend Reserve money give that if something happens, it can send the money. This should be able to organize already. Or getting a blank card in the Save which could invite by phone, that works too. So there are many variations.

You can make them sent via Western Union in an emergency such as money. The charges are in this option, however, relatively hoch.Vorteil: You quickly money in hand.

contact only times your bench and let lock the card and at the same occasion ask as to monetary pick now goes

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