Accessibility and non-discrimination

By the end of 2015, all shops in Austria must be barrier-free. I would be interested in it what you think. We are talking now not to supermarkets, service centers, inns, etc. ... .. because it is obvious to me that it be accessible to every need and find the absolutely correct.

But now to the case of busy me. A friend of mine has in their own home to the service nail design. She lives in the countryside and has a fixed customer base. Now she got to let them know that they have to rebuild their house Accessible by year's end. In her case, that would mean having to completely outline the whole house as it is very winding and has a lot of stairs. Of course that would not be affordable and would mean the end of their independence. I find smaller service providers, just the most country should decide for itself whether it makes sense for them to do that. Currently she had never had a demand of a disabled Guest person. But for them it would be in such a case to visit the affected home no problem. She is a very nice, good-natured and courteous woman and would never discriminate anyone want.

I'm sure that even the existence of other small Dienstleistler are at stake.

What's your opinion?

The best answer

You're absolutely right. The German disease "do-gooders" krassiert in Austria. And causes are largely dispossessed by honest labor economic ends.
Interested parties should unite and sue or enforce changes through political channels.

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