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Hello, I'm looking for my co-inhabitants 500 liter tank. The basin is filled with 4 scalars and 8 armored catfish. When I had filled the basin 4 1/2 years ago, the scalar were little. At that time also a flock Neonslamler included. The Neons have adopted over time. Now that the scalar are large, new Neons are not a good choice. They will probably eaten the same .....

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Hello Hartmut,

what's floating around before? Rather a large group tetras? Or rather, a smaller group of larger fish?

I use the time a Skalarpärchen with a group of 6 Thorichthys maculipinnis (ehem. Th. Ellioti). This works extremely well, especially since these cichlids are hardly or not at all aggressive and not dig or dig.

Good succeed


I would take as a nice contrast Gouramis

Heavy Vehicle Trichogaster-Mollys-

What character should get your pelvis? Want to be a community tank, a cichlid or another basin? After four years of hunting and you should already know what you want. I have prepared over 18 months before me to get myself a basin. I visited exchanges, exhibitions and chatted with aquarists and I read much literature. I just do not understand that after so many years still raises such questions as a three year old.

I also do just a bit reinzuknien in aquaria but what you think of butterfly perch

Hab here so a list, as it is that they understand very well with Black molly, labyrinth fish, Platys, Rasbora, rainbow fish, tetras, loaches, heavy carrier, dwarf cichlids, barbs and dwarf gourami

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