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Hello everybody,

I have a problem my parents want to see my bank statements. I would give it to them so, the only problem is that I have something given to my friend that I abbezahle in installments. Can I print the account statements somehow without this information or print? Please help me am really desperate (please ps no silly comments from going because not'll show them just yet or the nothing of you are of legal age) Thank you thank you thank you in advance Lg

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You can have a program such as StarMoney retrieve account activity, and then the revenues that you mark to print. In your case, then you had to just all down to the sales highlight your parents should not see.

I hope your friend will always be nice to you and never let you down. modify the statement could be difficult. But you must blacken eg positions. However, your parents are as likely to be particularly skeptical. There is a very acceptable picture editing program called GIMP that is available for free. With that you can do some ... eg edit photos ;-)

What's so bad about it, if your parents see that? Why do they want to see that?

I understand because you can not make any selection.

n gift on credit? That's very useful.

No, you can not print without these things. You can blacken everything by Edding simply manually.

No, it's not, but why should not your parents know?

How old are you?

And may I ask what that was for a gift? :)

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