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Hello everybody ,

My friend and I get next week a 3 year old dog from a friend because she had a baby and the dog could not cope with it comes to accept. It also gives us all with, such as toys, food and his dog bed. Of course I want the the little one feels as comfortable as possible and as quickly as possible, used to us as his new "parents". I have also taken time off, so we have a few days to know each other us properly. My question is specifically I should buy him equal a new dog bed? My fear is that he's old owners to greatly missed when his bed still smells afterwards .. I'm with dogs become big, but we always get a puppy .. So that has this question not as extreme provided.

I would be glad if you had some tips for me.

best regards


The best answer


very important in such a situation, it is especially the dog just to leave enough time, not him - not out of sheer love and because you want to help him - to press.

A dog does not understand why he has to leave the familiar pack - and that you want to be his new pack, because you want to give him the love he needs.

Nevertheless, he will mourn for his lost men - and probably for weeks. Let him therefore be familiar crib - it gives him in his uncertainty namely exactly the security that will take in the first time.

And since not disappointed when the dog does not change "with flying colors" to you. He takes time with the new circumstances that no one can tell him to get ready and to regain confidence.

I wish you a happy convergence


My question is specifically I should buy him equal a new dog bed?


A dog takes its surroundings on the odors. When he was still a time can now smell his old neighborhood is OK.

A dog does not forget the one his "Herchenhainer" but he forgets the bond to the owner (duration about 2 weeks). If the dog goes well with you, he will quickly build up to you / you a bond and acknowledge you as the pack (-guide). Then, when you even see the 'old' owner, then the dog will be pleased to see him. But immediately go with you if you want to go.

This experience I have often done .-> 2 examples, which I myself have experienced:

Once when I mean, when Bernese puppy, had picked up and had about three months to visit the breeder. As we turned into the street, was She nervously looked forward immediately spang from the car and ran immediately to the right and was glad to see properly the breeder again. But was still fixed on me and wanted to go back with me (luck had).

Secondly, a girlfriend last year is verstoren and another friend had taken the dog. Were we together after a few weeks to visit with the man of our deceased friend, the dog had been looking forward to see the old masters but then also have been happy again to go home.

Many say that after 1 or 2 week forgets the dog everything, so that's not. He forgets "only" the bond, but not the person who he liked.

Now the behavior of the dog:

The dog might be a bit strange in the first days.

He wonders when it comes home again, according to master. The third to fifth day will be the worst, because it is here perhaps even howl and do funny things (for a dog), or are just in the corner like a drop of water in the curve. Possibly even refuse to eat.

But then it'll very quickly uphill. Because he knows you, it will not be so, that he will ignore you (as it was with my pup for about 8 days, she wanted only the most necessary to do with me have I-evil).

Very good: You have taken vacation! **TOP**

Just be the first day for the dog as go for a walk under take the dog a lot and will re-visit the old "master" when you realize that the dog is now calibrated for you. He remains with you forever.

Have fun with the new family member.

I would you rate if that is possible for the dog already too used to you by visiting your girlfriend a little concern yourself with the dog guide him gassi the extract so it falls after a little easier and the familiarization with you, since he has already met you won and some confidence. ..überlege now where his stuff to get there and make room for his pet pillows and bowls he ..if with you is let's first sniff him in peace his new home not pressured him invites you also not equal to the entire fully in the newcomer to welcome he feels safe coming Web alone on you and searches Contact to breed and binding of the previous owner, he needs some time for acclimatization either he feels the same well or he seeks creep retreat whine bay diaper urinate mark since then make a lot of patience muster and roar react more sensitively and empathetically it aggravates ..I wish you especially the dog happy .. What honestly speaking sullenly true A baby is not a reason for the dog to give away he needs time to get used to the new situation Baby .is the dog clear and well socialized it provides the baby against any danger because takes him only the time to give to the new set and support concomitantly ... me it sounds more like sorry if I da possibly hasty conclusions to draw overtaxing ..Baby since time almost 3 years for dog had grown tired of the the easiest way away .. What are you doing when you get young? a tierliebe should until the end of life go that is the duty and responsibility each holder ... And this is clarified before the acquisition and plans trendsetting ..well I hope he gets a nice new home with you but you should full-time to work and to your partner even enough gassi morning and evening after work not ..

I have here I think something clear ..

The previous owners are not bad people or anything like .. I think it's good that they make a mature decision and to admit the dog (ans us) give .. For them, it is not easy .. And just as many have their best if he can come to terms with the child, it just did not work out now times .. What is wrong to decide it (for the good of the dog) to give it to the owner, who know him, we moved into the apartment of which, so he knows the environment ..

I think it's terrible about things to judgments of which one does not know the Exact background information ..

And yes if my holiday is over, he has a few hours alone, because he is used ..

We have not decided in a cloak and dagger operation that we take him .. We have well thought about how I had already written .. I know what it means to be responsible for a dog / living things to carry.

Thanks for the helpful comments.

that is a difficult question...

one hand I do the dog sorry that he is deported for a "trifle", on the other hand, this solution is of course better than a home ...

only I do not really: you will stay for a certain period of surrogate or you take it now really with you on?

I understand the view of the owners do not ... they could be set for a time that offspring are born and had also their faithful companions can adjust it by including more people contact etc ... Also they were nevertheless aware that it eventually once has come and comes a new family member to ... then why are brought out a dog if you do not the task looks grown?

Would the also because one of their children to give away just because they zoffen itself? There is a solution for everything ... shame about the poor dog, which is once again seen as a nuisance and as such always comes in last place ...

Hello Antonia,

nice that you the dog a new home offer want.

Let the dog quietly use all his usual stuff on ... of course you can him even spendieren a new Hela ceiling and then there's also ...

Sure, at first the dog will miss his former people - but you should not somehow convince comforting him, but talking to the dog as if it were straight just so fed directly with you ...

A Council I would like to still give: if you are out and about, make the dog please do not go off the leash ... - it can happen that the dog will run away !!! As it were back home ...

Buy yourself a towline (and a steady glove!) And try starting out some time if the dog reliably listen on retrieving his "new" people.

Everything good for you

Poor dog. You should him already for a couple of hours to take to you, that he already knows the new environment later and not as it sees as foreign. Then you should also go through between Gassi with Him. For the dog, it is difficult to get used to the "new" master. Give him time. It may be that if it is completely with you that he pees in the apartment. Take it to him, not bad. then go out often with. But consider also your responsibility to the animal. There is a living being. If you are both employed, as long as the dog is then alone? Also it is necessary to get him first. Because you should start with half an hour and then slowly increase. For the dog, the conversion is greater than for you. Be nice to him. Good luck.

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