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We have brought us yesterday a 4-year castrated cat from the shelter. The cat is terribly shy and just hiding from us. At the shelter itself, he was really sweet, but with us he proposes in advance of its claws and tried to bite. I think this is so because everything is new and he pretty scared.

However, we have a dog to whom I would like to get him. Just that is hardly possible, if he can tackle of us not even.

How can I answer it best to the cause?

The best answer

However, we have a dog to whom I would like to get him. Just that is hardly possible, if he can tackle of us not even.

Let the cat only once in peace so that they settle in peace and can meet people you anything new.

This is strange dogs and cats do not tolerate each other, may already be aware of. The situation is different, of course, when the animals grow up together.

Here you can inform you how cats and dogs can get used to each other:

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but that also does not always work. Then you will have to give the cat back!

With patience and time. You can not force anything. let First accustom the cat in peace and not constantly harass him. That will probably take a few days, until it comes naturally out of hiding.

If it is to meet the dog, you have the dog hold, dogs tend indeed to loszustürmen on everything, sniff, lick and violently wagging his tail. How would you feel as a cat? ;)

Something is just not overnight. So time, patience and the animals can sometimes be alone, offer withdrawal points, then it will come.

tackle is not the cat but the dog.

In the first encounter, the dog must be secured on a leash and under control. The best he should be and he should not wag its tail, because this is an alarm signal for the cat. It should be as relaxed as possible. So possibly hold tail. The cat must then get time to approach the dog. Not the other way around. If the dog the cat hunts only 1x or otherwise harassed, barks or startled it may be gone forever, eventually the dog the hunter and the cat is the prey animal. Something does not forget a cat.

If the cat can then only look, and she looks at things from flight distance, and finds that nothing happens, they will approach continues to make come then equal, driven by cats curiosity, some need a few days until they convinced are that the dog is not dangerous, in some, insbesonder in those who were chased by times of nem dog, it might never works.

Until the two get closer and also until the cat gets used only once to you, she needs a retreat area where the dog can not reach 100%. This is also true for the bathroom and for the food bowl, which they must be sure, otherwise they will remain unsettled, even towards you. So the first day only offers her people contact at, even without reaching out to the cat, waiting until it comes to you, the dog may not be there. If that works, the association can begin with the dog. Good luck and a good hand!

That might be a problem. understand some dogs or cats

is not at each other (in the long run)

Have yourself a hangover, who came as kittens for us and our

Dog grew. The two are related Prima because the cat

he accepted from an early age!

If you tackle the hangover and forcing to enter into contact with the dog, which is totally counterproductive. He then gets even more afraid. Be patient and from waiting. He has to get used to the new environment, to you and to the dog. This is very much at a time, which is now collapsed on him. not overtaxed him but ignored him until he comes of itself from its hiding place and to you.

It would have been even better, if you had the dog to the shelter taken, so that the two can be there beschuppern ever.

So exercise patience, patience, patience and no compulsion on the cat.

Add The cat again! It will never be something that cats and dogs are natural enemies, they grow together in nciht goes something barely.

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